Point-of-Sale meets Smart Self-Checkouts


RiSE into In-store Smart Self-Checkout which allows guests to choose a fast, convenient alternative to waiting in line to pay. RiSE into innovation, instead of being stuck behind a point of sale device.

Brick-&-Mortar For a Digital Age


We’ve experienced the “self-checkout” lines in most modern retail stores – the complexity and order of procedures customers have to take with this check-out flow is now antiquated. Lines grow even longer and customers get seemingly more frustrated.

Why not give your customers something they’re already familiar with and used to? Shoppers use their current iPhone or Smartphone and simply pick up an item and scan it into their cart themselves. No checkout – No Lines.

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No Checkout Lines – No Waiting to Pay


A user picks up an item in store that has a barcode, scans it with their phone (since RiSE is a PWA, no app installation needed to use our barcode scanner, just a browser that has access to your camera) and it’s automagically added to their cart with their card saved on file for checkout. No lines, no waiting to pay at the “self checkout” and best of all, it can send recommendations to customers for future items they might like or might have missed.

Shoppers are emailed a receipt, and using cart-based geo-fencing you can walk out of the store with the ability to show the greeter the proof of purchase for the items in your cart.

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On-the-Go Point-of-Sale


Offer point-of-sale for your pop-up business at street fairs, local events, or where-ever you choose with RiSE.

Using the same base self-checkout application, rapidly power pop-up business events. Forget that clunky PoS system that you hate, RiSE up with your products and begin selling.

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Create Better Checkout Experiences


We are RiSElly excited to be at the forefront of this retail experience by offering one of the first truly hassle-free, Smart Self-checkout experiences to stores.

People don’t want to wait in line, and they don’t want to download an app to avoid a line either. RiSE’s PaaS combines the richness of a physical retail store visit with the convenience of eCommerce to give merchants’ guests the best shopping experience possible.

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