Digital Fraud Prevention Empowering & Protecting Small – Growth Scale Businesses


AI powered and human reviewed combined with machine learning algorithms reduce the risk, complexity, and cost of processing transactions.

Reduce Risk, Increase Revenue


Each visitor creates an E-DNA profile that is backed by machine-learning models that deliver instant decisions identifying legitimate shoppers and makes it easier for them to purchase. Partner with us to reduce risk, RiSE revenue, improve customer shopping experience, and drive brand loyalty.

Preventing fraud at checkout is just one piece of the puzzle. RiSE helps protect manufacturers, merchants, influencers, and consumers all with it’s robust policy and rules engine, business intelligence tools, and a web-based chargeback case-management.

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Don’t Fly Solo – Fight Fraud with Friends


RiSE processes payments from 200+ countries combined for every industry, business model, and company size. Even if a card is new to your business, there’s an 85% chance it’s been seen before on the RiSE network.

How’s that possible? RiSE partners with the world’s largest e-commerce and technology platforms, acquiring banks, payment gateways, and other organizations to provide their merchants with payment fraud prevention, friendly fraud prevention, and account takeover protection.

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Digital Interaction Fraud Prevention


RiSE ingests data points from every layer of the financial stack and integrates data from checkout flows, rich customer data, and info from card networks and banks combining multiple signals to help determine whether a payment is fraudulent.

We RiSE with every step of the way from account logins, checkout flows, processing payments, to shipping orders – we’ve got you covered down to the chargeback representment (should it happen).
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We’ve Built an e-DNA out of Digital Identities


Using over 6500 different data points along the customer journey a Digital Identity is sequenced into an e-DNA RiSE score. Subsequent interactions evolve this e-DNA to help prevent and fight future fraud on the network.

Maximize conversions and prevent fraud from login to checkout utilizing Advanced Machine Learning combined with real human review.

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