Unlock other Revenue Streams with Channels

RiSE gives you the ability to create channels that merchants, influencers, and distributors can use to promote, list, and sell products – reach more customers.

Let Others RiSE with Your Brand


The lifeblood of RiSE is Channels. You can think of them as sales channels of your organization or as communication groups. Everything on RiSE runs through Channels from customers to inventory, products, analytics and so much more.

Channels are what separate which applications in a Stack are run when a command or event are triggered.

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Stay in the Know


Stay connected with Channel updates and in app messaging that forwards to your email or text messages when you’re not logged in, to ensure you never miss a thing. Foster culture and collaboration through an interactive channel community where your team can share stories, achievements and advice.

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Get Social With It


RiSElutionize your eCommerce store into a selling machine. Integrate all your sales channels in one place, so you can seamlessly sell in all the places your customers are.

Sell on Amazon, Google Shopping, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, SnapChat – No Problem.

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Offer Commission Based Sales


RiSE provides you with the ability to offer commissions to entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, content creators, and others who refer their following to your brand’s products. Whether you’re an influencer looking to earn some side cash or a merchant looking for a promoter – Channels has you covered.

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