We put the Anal in Analytics

Big Data Analytics shouldn’t come at a Big Business Costs. Get the insights you need to make profitable decisions that propel the business forward. See what’s happening today, plan for tomorrow, and strategize for growth months and years down the road.

Make Data-Driven Decisions Faster


RiSE includes everything you need to analyze your online store, and segment your customers. With over 650 different end-points, everything that happens is an event in RiSE. Track events such as signups, cancellation, payments, upgrades, downgrades and much more.

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Everything from a 30,000 ft View


What’s the LTV of your customers? How’s your MRR looking? Have you had an influx of signups? What about cancellations? Are you winning Chargebacks?

In your backend admin, you can answer all these questions and more with the Analytics Dashboard.

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Gain the Insights on your Customers


Keep track of what matters most to your business. Want to see only your B2C customers? Or how much they’ve spent per order? How about only customers that signed up in the past quarter?

See insightful and detailed information about your customers, it is all possible on RiSE. We do the heavy lifting for you

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Predict and Plan for the Future


RiSE provides you with the forecasting insights to understand where your business stands, and where it’s heading. RiSE helps you make informed decisions and scale safely.

Understanding the intricate operational business numbers will help you scale your business efforts more effectively.

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